J.Jeb plug kits [#PK100, 120 volt] are designed to provide a safe means to input shore power to engine block heaters or other items on mobile equipment. Plug kits eliminate the 'dangling cord' often found on block heaters which many times are tucked inside engine compartment or hanging outside engine compartment susceptable to chafing, road debris, salt, mositure and dirt. Available in 120 or 240 volt, plug kits are available with 2 or 6 hole mount. 
All plug kit components are available separately.  Design changes can be made with volume considerations. Used with WS-1 weather seal plug, plug kits help prevent GFI trips in wet conditions.
Plug kit components built to resist outdoor conditions.  Chrome plated zinc cover with stainless steel components, non-metalic plug with redundant ground along with stainless steel mounting hardware help resist harsh elements .
NOTE:  J.Jeb plug kits have also used p/n PK1212 [120 volt], PK1312 [240 volt], PK2412 [120 volt/20 amp]
Sturdy mounting brackets are available in three styles [straight, L shape, angle] mount plug kits and CS series indicator light/sensor. Chrome plated steel.
J.Jeb unique current testing unit #CT-1 allows quick testing of engine heater. A 'go-no go' type tool, current testing unit both shows technician unit is working plus if shore power is available.  When plugged into power source and current testing unit high intensity neon lamp automatically shines when block heater is good/operational.  If lamp does not shine, push momentary button on current testing unit and lamp indicates if power source is on/off.  No light, no power. Current testing unit has been available since the 1970's. 
A like product to current testing unit is series CS current sensing unit wires into back of J.Jeb plug kit and is permenent indicator engine heater is operating.  NO LIGHT / NO START .... if the light does not glow, you do not go. The CS-1 [120 volt, red lamp] and CS-1 [240 volt, amber lamp] can also wire into individual circuit box, etc.