120 volt plug kit

#PK100120 volt plug kit.  Includes: Receptacle cover & gasket [#1612]; 120 volt recessed male plug 15amp [#1212] NEMA 5-15; rubber boot [#1912]; stainless steel mounting hardware. Also available with various truck OEM logos.

#PK200240 volt plug kit. Includes same items as PK100 EXCEPT 240 volt plug 15 amp [#1312] NEMA 6-15

#PK300120 volt plug kit. Includes same items as PK100 EXCEPT 120 volt plug 20 amp [#2412] NEMA 5-20

#1212120 volt plug, 15 amp, NEMA 5-15
#1312240 volt plug, 15 amp, NEMA 6-15
#2412120 volt plug, 20 amp, NEMA 5-20
#1612Snap cap, receptacle cover. Chrome plated zinc, stainless   steel spring/pin.  2" mounting . Includes gasket #I1812.
#1912 Rubber boot
#I1812Gasket, cover to plug.

  #1212           #1312         #2412        #1612                #1912



#CT-1   Engine Heater Current Tester, 120 volt. Hand held block heater tester. Plug one end of unit into block heater, other end into power source. Checks BOTH presence of current and operation of heater.


#CS-1   Current Sensing Unit, 120 volt, red lamp. Mounts permanent into back of PK series plug kit. High intensity neon lamp indicates engine heater operation.  240 volt unit is #CS-2, amber lamp.


Weather seal plug

#WS-1   Weather seal plug.  Female plug [NEMA 5-20]  and rubber boot assembly that prevents ground fault interrupter [GFI] tripping by mating with lip on J.Jeb style snap cap [#1612] to prevent moisture related amperage leaks. Plug durable nylon. No metal parts to grasp - all wiring internal. Compatible with PK100 [parallel prongs] and PK300 series [one vertical / one horizontal prong].


Mounting brackets

#B-1, B-2, B-3   Mounting bracket.  Heavy duty chrome plated bracket used to mount series #PK plug kit and current sensing light on equipment without drilling hole for plug assembly.  Mounting hole pattern: 2".  B-1 = 'L' shape ; B-2 = straight; B-3 = angle, 10deg.

Cord set/plug kit Includes: 84" cord set 14/3ga and PK contents
#IK100, 120 volt [15amp, NEMA 5-15]
#IK200, 240 volt [15amp, NEMA 6-15]
#IK300, 120 volt [20amp, NEMA 5-20]
Longer cord sets available, contact J.Jeb customer service.