J. Jeb Products LLC has it roots based in heavy equipment maintenance. Founded as J.Jeb Manufacturing over 50 years ago by John M. Sukala, J.Jeb Products continues serving the transportation/industrial community with quality cold weather products.

J.Jeb items such as weatherproof plug kits [120 and 240 volt], engine heater tester [120 volt] are available through many sources throughout North America.  J.Jeb welcomes contact by potential dealers and OEM users.

J.Jeb plug kit, series PK100 provide an safe, attractive and practical means to input 'shore power' to mobile equipment. 

The hand held current tester CT-1 is a easy means to test 120 volt block heaters for cars, trucks, heavy equipment, etc.

We supply technical/service assistance to all users.

J.Jeb stopped designing/producing engine block heaters in 2002. Currently we supply parts and accessories for those products.  Information on engine heaters can be found at www.jjebheaters.com.  Specific questions on those products no longer produced can be answered by contacting us directly